About us


Bakery Wellness is a social enterprise that incorporate baking and social awareness for mental health.

Our Vision is:
To bake the world a better place. Advocate inclusion for mental health.

Our Mission is:
To educate, inspire and restore life.

    Our Values: To use baking as a therapeutic tool for mental wellness, to respect individual mental health journey, to care and empathetic towards people with mental condition.

There is an increasing number of people in Singapore suffering from mental condition once in a lifetime. One in six people will suffer any form of mental illness which could be their friends, family members or colleagues.

Bakery Wellness is a social enterprise* that believes baking makes the world a better place to live in and it delivers a unique platform to use pastries as a form of inclusion for mental health.

It’s an awareness movement for people suffering from mental condition to empower their stories through baking. This inspires the others to destigmatize about mental health.

Baking is a therapeutic way to enhance one’s quality of life, rebuild confidence and relieve anxiety. We want to provide an alternative way to promote mental wellness.

Education plays a crucial role to understand about mental health and mental health knowledge begins with us and others. As mental disorders are difficult topics to talk about, hence we educate the public about mental health issues through social media, events and talks.

*Social enterprise is made up of profit + social impact


IMG_7174 edited

                Zhong Peirong (Founder of Bakery Wellness)                WSQ Certificate in Pastry and Bakery & Bachelor in Early Childhood Studies (Monash University)

   I am a self-taught baker who loves to bake. A social entrepreneur who advocates for mental wellness and I am an early childhood educator too.

”Since I have survived through my worst times, there is nothing else I am fearful of. The only thing I am fearful of is not living truly of myself.  Time is limited. I have mission to fulfill in my life that is to impact lives through baking.”


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