I can totally say that Bakery Wellness is extremely delicious !! I ate a lots of cakes that gave me amazing feeling! Each word on the cakes inspired me about love and hope that were so meaningful !!! I love Bakery Wellness!!                                  

-Nguyen Phuong

Thank you for making such nice cupcakes.I eat them all at one stroke. You have done a great job!

-Yin Feng

Really refreshing to finally have a social enterprise in Singapore that specifically encourages the public to talk in a non-threatening way about mental wellness, while enjoying savoury cupcakes hot from the oven. In Singapore, there have been social enterprises that leverage on the artistic talents and craftwork of persons in recovery but as we all know going forward, we need public avenues to start talking to dispel the underlying fear and persistent stigma. What better way than to engage in national pastime eating? My buddy and I had a great time giving the cupcakes a try. I chose to sample “Tough” and left him “Life”. We figured if we are having a tough time, maybe it’s time to head out to Bakery Wellness and talk it out. The cupcakes were delectable and we did our part for mental health charities at the same time! The concept of Bakery Wellness reminds one of the famous worldwide initiative Depressed Cake Shop. May Bakery Wellness in its small unique way emulate the success of Depressed Cake Shop. May Bakery Wellness pop-shops spring up like mushrooms after the rain to keep the conversation going!

-Kelvin Ng

Delicious cupcakes with meaningful context. Allows one to ponder deeper to the meaning behind each cupcake when eating the cupcakes. Particularly likes the “Hope” cupcake of the unique milo buttercream flavor. And lastly, I feel that it is a very good idea of engaging the public on mental health with cupcakes. Looking forward to your next cupcake creation!


Bakery Wellness cupcakes taste great! Look forward to get more the next round! Really like the meaningful words behind each cupcake. Great work well done!

-Cara Ng

I brought my tub of salted caramel cookies to the office… n boh liao, my sup said v nice, will go support if there are any other occassions selling cookies… told her yr cupcakes are v yummy too! She wanna try oso! Can order more? Or when is next event? Pls dont limit us to only buy 1 yea…! hehehe… Good things must share with others too… My family will need quite bit n my frds will need to taste them too cos it’s Awesomely yummy!

Valerie Liu